A little background information

We're a small business composed of two owners; Josh and Zech. We believe fishing lures were never meant to be mass produced, boring, or generic. Let's face it, there are only so many times a bass can bite the exact same lure before they realize every time they bite it, they get caught.

We started Dark Horse Tackle as a way to combat this. Enter; custom tackle.

Custom tackle features colors, blanks, styles, patterns, and molds that a pressured bass may have never seen. Custom tackle is kind of like a cheat code in bass fishing.

When you combine this motive with the ability to help grow small businesses in America and put food on the table for small businesses across the nation, Dark Horse Tackle was born.


Our Mission

Our mission is to search high and low, near and far for the "Best Baits You've Never Heard Of" While promoting the best small businesses across the Nation and building relationships with you, our customer. We love to see your catches on these baits on social media so we can better promote the small business culture in the fishing industry.

Meet our team

Zechariah Fullard


Josh Chitwood


The Dark Horse Tackle Golden Standard

With a combined over 50 years experience in bass fishing and the bass fishing industry, you can rest assured we're going to  provide you with baits that will catch fish across the country.

All of these baits will be from small businesses in America.

Majority of these baits will be baits you've never seen before. Whether it be from a business you've never heard of, a color you've never seen, a blank that is custom built or a mold that you've never seen.

All of these baits will be exceptional quality and tested by us before we pack them in a box and ship them to you.