A Little more about us

Jason White is a proud husband and a father of two. Growing up in the country in the middle of nowhere Ohio is a definite part of his DNA. This is where bass fishing really took hold of his personality and became a part of who he is. Many days were spent fishing local farm ponds, rivers, and creeks. Swimming in the local creek after a long day of working on the farms became a routine. This is also where he became seriously terrified of snakes. His favorite food is a taco, and his favorite fishing snack is a protein bar. His preferred way of fishing is wet wading in the creeks or rivers for smallmouth bass.

Josh Chitwood was raised on a Jon boat in the Hoover reservoir of central Ohio. His preferred way of fishing is flipping bushes or throwing a Texas rigged stick bait. He believes fishing is too polarized on social media and misses the days of no technology. He doesn't believe in giving the fish a chance at a fair fight; Boat flipping 6 lbers without blinking twice. His favorite food is a Hebrew National hotdog, and a bag of trail mix is his preferred fishing snack. 

Some of our favorite small businesses

Favorites aren't born, they're created. They're created after long periods of time of showing up, getting the job done, and helping out when in need. They always come through when we need it the most and their quality is always on point. They've helped us get to where we are and we value them as business partners and as friends. They're definitley companies that you will want in your tackle box to help put fish in your livewell when you need it the most.