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The Dink Board


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Product Description

DINK BOARDS ARE HERE! 🎉 . The first ever measuring board for DINKS. To be used in the Dink City tournament hosted by TourneyX. If you’ve not heard of our Dink City tournament, it’s a points based tournament where only bass at 10” or under count! Each 10” bass caught (small mouth, largemouth, or spotted bass) is worth 1 point. If you’ve got the Dink City T shirt (available for preorder) each 10” fish caught is worth 2 points. Then comes the Dink Board. If you’ve the Dink City measuring board, each 10” fish is worth 2 points. If you’ve got a 10” bass, the T- Shirt, and the Dink Board, you’ve accumulated 3 points per each fish caught, measured, and recorded on tourneyX! The winner of the Dink City tournament will be crowned “The Mayor Of Dink City” and will be awarded $250! . . The Dink Boards are made of a proprietary vinyl, making them easy to roll up and pack in your back pocket, your backpack, or anywhere else you’d like to carry it. They’re water resistant meaning they can be cleaned very easily to remove any unwanted fish scent and they come with a Velcro strap & band to keep them folded up when your not using them.

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