What's Inside?

All of our subscription based products are packed monthly and coordinated with bass behavior across the country.

Baits For Every Occasion

All of our products are curated with the angler in mind. We understand that not all anglers fish the same way. Whether you fish from a boat, a kayak, or the bank, there are baits for every circumstance. 


Quality Unmatched

The baits in our boxes from small, American businesses are the type of quality you just can't achieve from a machine mass producing your baits. If you've seen a custom bait in person, you know what we're talking about. Every detail on a custom bait is well thought out, planned, and executed. It is the advantage of the human eye, the artists, and the fish can see it too! This is quality unmatched. 


Give the gift of custom today!

How It Works

1. Select Your Product

Whether it be a subscription, or a one time purchase, we've got what you need!

2. We Prepare your order

One time purchases ship out within a few business days. Subscription products ship per the subscription calendar.

3. we ship your order

Once your order arrives, you do a happy dance and tag us on social media!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Dark Horse Tackle Different?

We pride ourselves on working side by side with the best small businesses across America. Together, we curate boxes for anglers composed of American Made tackle. Our boxes are not "value boxes" in the sense that you're going to save a TON of money subscribing to or purchasing our boxes. You will however, discover baits from small, American made businesses. You will save a few dollars while being presented baits from small businesses that you may have never heard of.  

How does it work?

We plan and curate the subscription boxes based on bass behavior across the country, monthly. We search for the best small businesses across America for appropriate baits for each month. We find more of "The Best Baits You've Never Heard Of" and ship them to your door!

How are the boxes priced?

Our boxes are always appropriately priced. Saving you a few dollars is our goal while presenting baits from small businesses across America that you may have never seen or heard of. Our boxes are NOT bargain boxes. We do NOT shop bargain or discount bins to fill a box with baits that you've seen before and can pick up from your local brick and mortar store. That said, you will ALWAYS get your dollars worth from our boxes (and then some)

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